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Ear Protection
Face Protection
Hand Protection
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Leg Protection
Fall Protection/Height Safety
Safety Eye Wash
First Aid
Environment Hazard
Security Equipments
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Loto (Lock Out/Tag Out Products
Gas Detectors
Marine Safety Items
Leg Protection          
  BigElephant SS 02  
  BigElephant SS 04  
  Ladies Safety Shoes  
  Brazil Safety Shoes  
  Tiger Lorex  
  Allen Cooper  
  Karam FS 02  
  Karam FS 01  

  Challenger Rexin Safety Shoes  
  Steelite Safety Shoes  
  Workmate Safety Shoes  
  JCB Earthmover  
  JCB Excavator  
  JCB Power  
  PVC Gum Boot  
  PVC Gum Boot with Steel Toe  
  Dosposable Polythene Shoe Cover  


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