Fire Extinguishers
Fire Alarm Products
Head Protection
Eye Protection
Respiratory Protection
Ear Protection
Face Protection
Hand Protection
Body Protection
Leg Protection
Fall Protection/Height Safety
Safety Eye Wash
First Aid
Environment Hazard
Security Equipments
Road Safety Items
Spill Control Kit
Flash Lights
Safety Signages
Emergency Light
Loto (Lock Out/Tag Out Products
Gas Detectors
Marine Safety Items
  Body Protection          
PVC Pant shirt & hood
  Electrical Arc coverall  
Flash suit
Tyvek Proshield
Model No: Tyvek Proshield
Tychem Suit Model No: Tychem C
Tychem Suit Model No:Tychem F
Nomex Thermo
Pro Suit
Model: Thermopro
3000 series Fire Entry Suit
Model: Series 3000
PVC Apron 24”X36”
Model: PVC-APS
Chemgaurd Apron 24”X36”(W/o
Sleeves) Model: Chem–AP
24”X36” (w.Sleeves) Model: Chem –APS
PVC Suit Model: PVC-ST
Chem Guard Suit Model: Chem Gaurd
Front Air Suit
Model: Front
Air FST/0001/131
Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit 21ayer Model:
Fire Entry Nomex Suit
Model: PAB Compacta
Air Suit Model:
TTK 35
Laminated Gas Tight Suit Model: TYFB002 /406/97
Asbestos Suit
Coverall with Reflective Tape


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